The Documentation section of the Industry Zone includes manuals, guidelines, forms and additional information to support industry in applying for, and operating, oil and gas activities in British Columbia. Manuals detail application and regulatory requirements with which clients must comply, while guidelines detail best practices for operating in the industry.  The information and resources within this section are intended to support applicants and permit holders throughout the lifecycle of an oil and gas activity, from pre-application to close-out.  All documentation can be accessed via the subject categories found on the left hand side of the screen.

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The RSS service provide clients with notifications of updates made to the Commission’s manuals, guidelines and forms.  Users can sign up for an RSS of all documentation updates by clicking the RSS feed icon at the bottom of this screen, or for a specific subject category by clicking the RSS feed within that categories page. 

Clients’ needs and practices are always evolving; likewise, the Commission is continuously updating and improving our documentation to mirror changes in processes or requirements. Subscribe and stay in the know.

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The Monthly updates at a glance section, below, groups all updated documentation from the month in a convenient, one-stop location. Within the first week of every month, remember to check out the Monthly Updates to inform yourself and your company of changes to documentation and requirements.

The Commission is committed to the continuous improvement of its documentation. Stakeholders who would like to provide input or feedback on Commission documentation are encouraged to use the stakeholder feedback questionnaire.

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