This Documentation section houses the new Oil and Gas Activity Application Manual and Oil and Gas Activity Operations Manual. These new manuals, along with additional forms and guidelines, support industry during oil and gas activity application processes, and throughout the duration of subsequent operations. The manuals detail application and regulatory requirements with which operators must comply, while guidelines outline best operational practices.

The Commission is committed to the continuous improvement of its documentation. Stakeholders who would like to provide input or feedback on Commission documentation are encouraged to use the stakeholder feedback questionnaire.

Please note: frequent documentation updates are anticipated for a period after implementation of the new manuals and Application Management System. To access the most recent document versions, it is recommended that users check back here regularly, and make use of the RSS feed available on the Commission website.

Resource Pages

The resource links provided below reflect the stages of the oil and gas activity regulatory lifecycle, directing users to documentation related to permit applications, construction and operation, and final activity close-out. Links to documentation detailing the overarching responsibilities of Emergency Reponse and Safety, Compliance and Enforcement, and Environmental Management are also provided. An alphabetical listing of all documentation and a comprehensive glossary are available to users for ease of navigation and clarification of terminology.

Monthly Updates at a Glance

The Monthly Updates at a Glance section, groups all updated documentation from the month in a convenient, one-stop location. Within the first week of every month, remember to check out the monthly updates to inform yourself and your company of changes to documentation and requirements.



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