Integrity Management Program Compliance Assurance

Pipeline and facility permit holders are expected to anticipate, prevent, mitigate and manage the risks associated with construction, operations and decommissioning of pipelines and facilities. A tool for managing this is the permit holders' Integrity Management Program (IMP). This is a documented program that provides a systematic approach for assuring asset integrity throughout its lifecycle. An IMP specifies practices used by a permit holder, owner and/or operator to ensure public safety, environmental protection and operational reliability.

Pipeline IMPs

IMPs for pipelines have been a regulatory requirement since 1999.  As per the B.C. Pipeline Regulation, Section 7, every pipeline permit holder must have developed and implemented IMPs prior to operating a pipeline. The Commission has a Compliance Assurance Process to assist with this and the protocol for Integrity Management Programs for Pipeline Systems can be found here.

A self-assessment questionnaire for pipeline operators can be found here.

Facility IMPs

B.C.’s Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Facility Regulation requires that facility permit holders develop and implement an IMP to minimize hazards and ensure safety and security of their facilities. IMPs are recommended for all facilities, including those regulated by the Drilling and Production Regulation. The Commission has developed a new Compliance Assurance Protocol Integrity Management Program for Facilities. It is expected that this will become a requirement for all facilities later in the year. 

A self-assessment questionnaire for facility operators can be found here.

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