Water Information

Northeast Water tool

The NorthEast Water Tool (NEWT) is a GIS-based hydrology decision-support tool developed by the BC Oil and Gas Commission.  It provides guidance on water availability across northeast B.C., and supports the decision-making process for water use approvals and licences.

Instructions for use of NEWT
The capabilities of NEWT
Northeast BC Hydrology Modelling Report

Water Portal

The Water Portal is a map-based water information tool designed to provide public access to a wide range of water-related data and information in northeast B.C.  The data is displayed with flexible charts and analytical  tools to assist users to understand and use the data.

Instructions for use of Water Portal

Water Reports

The water reports present information on water use approvals on a quarterly basis.  The reports also contain information on water licences, water source wells and the volume of water used in hydraulic fracturing. 

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2012    Q1    Q2    Q3    Annual
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Water Approval Data

List of Current Section 8 Data

List of Active Water Licence Data

The OGC Water Management Basins define locations of water withdrawal when applying for a basin Section 8 application.    
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