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The BC Oil and Gas Commission (Commission) is an open and transparent Crown Corporation that makes a wide array of records and information publicly available through this website. In many cases, the records you are seeking may be available online.

If you are unable to locate the information you need on our website or through an informal request channel, you may consider making a request under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the Act). A Freedom of Information (FOI) request is a formal process to ask for copies of records deemed releasable under the Act. It is not a process to request answers to questions or information that is not contained within records. If you have general questions about records held by the Commission, you may send your enquiry to

Submitting a Request:

Formal requests for information must be made in writing and should include sufficient detail to identify the records sought. You may submit a written request for records to the Commission by:

BC Oil and Gas Commission
Bag 2, Fort St John, B.C., V1J 2B0
Attention: FOI Office


Once the Commission has received your request, you will typically be notified in writing (by email or correspondence) within 1-5 business days. The Commission has 30 business days to respond to your request, subject to any extensions permitted under the Act. An extension may be warranted if there is a large volume of records, additional time is required to consult with public bodies or third parties, or when further communication is needed to clarify your request.


The Act provides you with access to your own personal information free of charge. Access to all other information may be subject to a fee in accordance with the regulations of the Act. Section 75 of the Act outlines the fees that can be charged for non-personal FOI requests. Charges are primarily based on time spent searching, retrieving and producing records; preparing records for disclosure; shipping and handling records (if applicable); and providing physical copies of records. The first three hours of search and retrieval time is free. You will not be charged for any time spent severing (removing) information from a record. In cases where a fee may apply, the Commission’s FOI Office will work with you to determine whether your request can be revised to reduce or avoid a fee while still providing the information you need.

Commission Request Archive (Coming Soon):

Effective 2020, the Commission is starting to publish FOI release packages on this website. These will be available for viewing below. Please check back for updates.

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