AMS Updates: Release Dec. 8, 2017

Changes to AMS on December 08, 2017 include the following:

  • Amendment Spatial Validation change. Changes in validations with respect to Amendment creation for Well/Facility/Road/Pipeline/AOGA/NEB Ancillary. Amendments flagged as LAND or TECHNICAL/LAND must include at least one polygon of type R (Replacement) or type N (New).  Polygons of type (A) Additional and (P) Permissioned will no longer be accepted in an amendment.
  • Short-Term Water Use applications. System restrictions that prevented proponents from correctly populating attributes in the short-term water use shape files (as per the AMS Spatial Data Submission Standards) have been removed in this release.

For more details, please see the INDB 2017-24 Changes to Land Validation Rules and Short-Term Water Use Submissions in AMS.

Release Date: 
Friday, December 8, 2017
Service / System: