AMS Updates: Release Oct. 3, 2017

Changes in AMS On Oct. 3, 2017 at 8am PDT include:

  • The addition of an Application Amendment Summary tab on the Overview section of the AMS Dashboard. This will display all existing permissioned activity types for that Application Determination (AD) number, and all activity types on the proposed amendment.
  • An enhanced amendment application process that allows the addition of new Associated Oil and Gas Activities (AOGA) and National Energy Board (NEB) Ancillaries, Changes In and About a Stream (CIAS), and Short Term Water Use (STWU) submissions without having to amend an existing permitted activity. Effective October 3, these activities will be able to be added by creating a new amendment application.
  • Changes to the Archaeology tab to increase the character limit in some of the text boxes. This allows for a more in depth description of planned work in the Archaeology Details and the Non-Geophysical Archaeology Information sections, without the upload of additional attachments.
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 3, 2017
Service / System: