Fort Nelson

Fort Nelson, established in 1805 by the North West Fur Trading Co., is located at Mile 300 of the Alaska Highway. The current town of 6,300 people (1,800 in surrounding settlements) occupies what was the fifth fort site established by the Hudson’s Bay Co.  Fort Nelson is the gateway to the beautiful, rustic Northern Rockies, and neighbors the culturally rich Treaty 8 First Nation communities of the Fort Nelson First Nation and Prophet River First Nation.
Fort Nelson is a modern community that thrives on its natural resources and prides itself as a unique entity within an encompassing wilderness. The shale gas plays of the Horn River Basin, Liard and Cordova Embayment factor into a healthy economic base built on natural gas, oil, forestry, and tourism.

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Current Opportunities - Fort Nelson

The First Nations Liaison Officer represents the Commission and supports/protects Crown interests and obligations through facilitating development and maintenance of productive working relationships between First Nations and corporate interests in the oil and gas industry. This position provides technical advice and assistance to First Nations groups concerning Commission programs, government policy, and processes such as are required to promote industry investment in oil and gas exploration and pipeline development and management in ways intended to secure and safeguard the aims, aspirations and rights of all parties; conducting consultation, negotiation, and mediation processes to foster project specific agreements between First Nations and corporate investors as they apply to exploration, production and pipeline projects on Crown Lands with First Nations interests.

Closing Dates: December 21, 2017