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Following the passage of Bill 37, exciting changes are coming, including a new name and expanded mandate! In addition to our current responsibilities with respect to oil, gas and geothermal development, we will soon become the single-window regulator for the production of hydrogen, ammonia and methanol; have an expanded role in carbon capture and storage, and we will be known as the British Columbia Energy Regulator. For more info:

The BC Oil & Gas Commission offers access to a variety of online reports.

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Data Downloads

Directional Survey Data [BCOGC-2354]

All directional survey data. Please choose your preferred download format.


Monthly Drilling Report [BCOGC-2850]

Monthly drilling statistics provided in two formats.


Well Authorizations Issued [BCOGC-2858]

List of authorized wells by permit number, WA number, location, operator and an approval date filter

Reservoir Engineering

Drilling Data for All Wells in BC [BCOGC-41984]

Drilling data for all wells in BC. This includes well casing and cementing, completions and work-overs, reservoir pressure tests and fluid analysis. Please choose your preferred download format.

Data Downloads

Facility Index [BCOGC-42044]

Facility Index in Ascii Format with Comma Delimiter


Hydraulic Fracture Summary Data [BCOGC-42066]

Hydraulic fracture summary data

Data Downloads

Plant Capacities [BCOGC-42080]

Plant Capacities in Ascii Format with Comma Delimiter

Reservoir Engineering

Production Data [BCOGC-42126]

Production data for all wells in BC. Please choose your preferred download format.

Reservoir Engineering

Reserves Data [BCOGC-42194]

Reserves data for all oil and gas pools in BC


Unique Well Identifier Changes [BCOGC-42220]

Unique well identifier changes. Please choose your preferred download format.


Regional Well and Field Location Map [BCOGC-47944]

Regional well and field location maps for both South Half and North Half

Data Downloads

BCOGC Open Data Portal Shapefiles [BCOGC-62429]

The Oil and Gas Commission provides a complete zip file archive that contains all spatial data available on the Open Data Portal. The zip file archive is refreshed daily.

Data Downloads

Landslide Susceptibility Map [BCOGC-69186]

Through research funding from the BC Oil and Gas Research and Innovation Society (BC OGRIS), a landslide susceptibility map for the Northeastern B.C. (NEBC) region has been developed to assist the oil and gas industry in managing landslide risk. Oil and gas operators must consider geohazards, including potential landslides, for managing integrity of their assets, such as, pipelines and facilities. The map, with landslide susceptibility’s colour-coded scale, provides a useful tool for planning and implementing these programs. This new landslide susceptibility map is intended for use as a screening tool, and not be used to evaluate the probability of landslide occurrence over any specific period of time, nor to evaluate the impact of any potential landslide activity.

Please contact for access to online tool.

Data Downloads

Oil and Gas Surface Land Use [BCOGC-115661]

Surface Land Use (SLU) is a mechanism to measure surface disturbances caused by oil and gas activity and identify the type and land area attributed to historical and current oil and gas activities. Each year the Commission calculates the total surface area used by oil and gas activities. This product is updated annually.

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