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The BC Oil & Gas Commission offers access to a variety of online reports.

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Data Downloads

Directional Survey Data [BCOGC-2354]

All directional survey data. Please choose your preferred download format.


Facility Locations (Permitted) [BCOGC-2668]

Facilities are an oil and gas activity, defined in the Oil and Gas Activities Act as a system of vessels, piping, valves, tanks and other equipment used to gather, process, measure, store or dispose of petroleum, natural gas, water or a substance referred to in paragraph (d) or (e) of the definition of pipeline. This dataset contains point features collected on or after July 11, 2016 for approved facility locations

Activity Levels

Facility Liability Report [BCOGC-2834]

Information on the liability associated with a specific facility as determined by the Liability Management team


Facility Inventory [BCOGC-41090]

All active facilities by permit number, operator, and facility number


Facility Detail Status [BCOGC-41110]

Facilities by the facility status, including permit number, facility ID, operator and other facility details

Data Downloads

Facility Index [BCOGC-42044]

Facility Index in Ascii Format with Comma Delimiter

Data Downloads

Plant Capacities [BCOGC-42080]

Plant Capacities in Ascii Format with Comma Delimiter


Facility Locations (Pre-2016) [BCOGC-44497]

Point features for facility loations submitted to the OGC prior to July 11, 2016. Facility point locations are located in the middle of the quarter unit or quarter section as determined from the National Topographic System (NTS) or Dominion Land Survey (DLS) legal locations.


Well and Facility Areas (Permitted) [BCOGC-44522]

Land authorizations for areas on which well or facility activities can occur. This dataset contains spatial data collected on or after October 30, 2006. The spatial data includes approved and post-construction land areas associated with well or facility activities.


Well and Facility Areas (Proposed) [BCOGC-44530]

Applications for land authorization on which well or facility activities can occur. This dataset contains polygon features for proposed applications collected through the BC Oil and Gas Commission's Application Management System (AMS).


Well and KERMIT Facility IDs [BCOGC-69968]

A list of WA Numbers, KERMIT Facility IDs, Operators and Well Surface Locations


Leak, Detection and Repair Data for Wells and Facilities [BCOGC-87988]

Data from the most recent Leak Detection and Repair Data for wells and facilities (PDF and Excel downloads). As well the most recent Equivalency Reporting.

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