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The Compliance Management Information System (CM-IS) is the online portal for permit holders to manage and respond to non-compliance notices issued by the Commission.

CM-IS provides a centralized location and consistent process for permit holders to receive, manage and respond to non-compliance notices. Users of CM-IS must have an Online Systems account with the appropriate security role. For more information about accounts and security roles, please refer to the Online Systems Accounts guidance.



CM-IS User Manual

This manual provides guidance and instruction for permit holders and their representative(s) for using the Commission’s Compliance Management Information System (CM-IS).



This tutorial will help guide users through the functions of the Commission’s Compliance Management Information System (CM-IS).

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CM-IS Presentation

These are the PowerPoint slides from the above posted video tutorial.

Compliance Management Information System (CM-IS) Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Compliance Management Information System?

The initial release of the Commissions Compliance Management Information System provides a portal that allows permit holders and their representatives to manage and respond to non-compliance notices issued by the Commission. Future versions of CM-IS will add additional capabilities.

What is a non-compliance notice?

A non-compliance notice is a direct notice to a permit holder of an observed non-compliance, providing an opportunity to correct within a set timeline. A non-compliance notice is not a finding of contravention under the Oil and Gas Activities Act. Non-compliance notices were formerly called “deficiency notices”.

An administrative non-compliance notice is a notice of an alleged non-compliance with operational submission requirements.

What is changing?

The first release of CM-IS for external users is planned for February 25, 2022 and will include functionality for managing administrative non-compliance notices.

Permit holders can expect to see changes to how they receive administrative non-compliance notices from the Commission. Notices currently communicated through other systems, such as KERMIT, or by phone or email, will be issued using CM-IS. Permit holders will need to log into CM-IS using an Online Systems account to manage and respond to non-compliance notices.

I currently receive non-compliance notices via KERMIT. Will this be changing?

Maybe. Administrative non-compliance notices – those related to submission of operational requirements will be issued using CM-IS. Those issued as a result of inspections will continue to be communicated via KERMIT, although a future release of CM-IS will include functionality for managing notifications of inspection results.

How do I make sure that the correct people have access to CM-IS and receive notifications?

Security roles are managed by the Company Administrator – refer to the Commission’s website for more information about managing security roles. Users with the “Admin Deficiency Representative” role can login to CM-IS and will receive notifications.

What is the difference between CM-IS and eSubmission (and other information systems used for submitting operational submissions)?

CM-IS a tool for communicating and managing non-compliance notices, whereas eSubmission is used to submit operational requirements. Where an operational submission requirement has not been met, Commission staff will issue a non-compliance notice via CM-IS. To resolve the non-compliance the permit holder must submit the required documentation and then inform the Commission that the non-compliance has been resolved using CM-IS.

Can I just submit the required information in CM-IS?

No. The required information must be submitted via the appropriate process.

What does “submission” mean in CM-IS?

In CM-IS, a submission is a query or response to a non-compliance initiated by the permit holder. It can be a request for clarification, a request for extension, or a response to a non-compliance. Each submission receives an answer from Commission staff. An individual non-compliance could have multiple submissions and corresponding answers.

Can information from CM-IS be exported to a spreadsheet application such as Excel?

Users can export a list in .CSV format of non-compliances, both issued and complete, along with related data and status information.

There is currently no ability to export the full communication record for each non-compliance. However, the full record can be viewed in the Log tab.

The text is too big, too small or information is organized differently on the screen than I would like.

The CM-IS interface has been developed to suit a variety of users and preferences and is similar to the interface used by Commission staff. We will continue to fine tune the interface to ensure the system is user friendly and efficient. Adjusting the zoom level on your web browser may address some concerns about text size.

Is there a size limit for file attachments?

The maximum file size is 450 MB.

Will the system time out if left unattended?

The system with time out if there no activity for 10 hours.

Can I search, filter, and sort a list of my non-compliances?

The list of non-compliance can be sorted and filtered using the Non-Compliance Search function. You can also go directly to a notice, non-compliance, or submission if you know the number.

Where is the “save” button?

The system saves data every time you click a checkmark icon and will notify you if you attempt to navigate away from the page without saving.

After a response is submitted, how do I change or add information?

If the Commission has already responded, then submit a new response. If the Commission has not responded, then you can retract the submission and submit a new one.

What terminology will be changing?

New Term

Previous Term



Discovery Method

Notice Type

Correction duration: 30 days, 14 days, 24 hours

Rank: Low 14, Low 30, High

How do I get more information about the various colours and icons used throughout CM-IS?

The CM-IS Permit Holder User Guide provides detailed information about all aspect of the system.

Why do I get a “Browser Not Supported” error message?

CM-IS has been tested and optimized using the Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. It may work using other browsers, but we cannot guarantee it, and cannot provide user support for other browsers.

How will non-compliances identified during inspections and inspection reports be managed in the system?

The current release of CM-IS only manages administrative non-compliances. Inspection results and non-compliances resulting from inspections will be included in a future CM-IS release anticipated for the winter of 2022/23.

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