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Following the passage of Bill 37, exciting changes are coming, including a new name and expanded mandate! In addition to our current responsibilities with respect to oil, gas and geothermal development, we will soon become the single-window regulator for the production of hydrogen, ammonia and methanol; have an expanded role in carbon capture and storage, and we will be known as the British Columbia Energy Regulator. For more info:

Items pertinent to reservoir engineering which are not specific to one of the other subcategory sections.

Reservoir Engineering

Name Date Published
Map of Average H2S Percentage by Field
The H2S Map of BC provides locations of H2S content found in the hydrocarbon production of various areas within BC.
Effective Date: Apr 21, 2020
Apr 21, 2020
Reservoir PVT Analysis Reports
This is a list of the Reservoir studies, including Pressure Volume and Temperature (PVT) analyses, that have been submitted to the Commission.
Effective Date: Apr 21, 2020
Apr 21, 2020
Well Data from Zones without Title Interest
Effective Date: Dec 17, 2021
Dec 17, 2021

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