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Items pertinent to reservoir engineering which are not specific to one of the other subcategory sections.

Reservoir Engineering

Name Date Published
Jean Marie Formation Study: Resource, Drilling and Production Trends
The Jean Marie Formation Study: Resources, Drilling and Production Trends is a report focusing on the development and production of the Jean Marie gas formation in Northeast BC. The prime consideration in the study was a comparison of vertical vs. horizontal wells and the relationship of horizontal length to productivity.
Mar. 17, 2005
Map of Average H2S Percentage by Field
The H2S Map of BC provides locations of H2S content found in the hydrocarbon production of various areas within BC.
Oct. 7, 2010
Reservoir PVT Analysis Reports
This is a list of the Reservoir studies, including Pressure Volume and Temperature (PVT) analyses, that have been submitted to the Commission.
Jan. 8, 2016
Summary Information DPR Amendments
The Summary Information Drilling and Production Regulation (DRP) Amendments provides explanatory background to the amendments made to the DRP, August, 2012.
Sep. 12, 2012
Unconventional Gas Technical Forum 2008 Presentation - From Experimental to Commercial Production - The Next Step
The Unconventional Gas Technical Forum (PowerPoint) is a presentation on Unconventional Gas development within BC from 2008.
Mar. 16, 2008

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