eSubmission: Apr. 9, 2018

Changes to eSubmission on April 9, 2018 include the following:

New Well Integrity Menu Option:

  • Surface Casing Vent Flow, Gas Migration and Abandoned Well Leak submissions must now be submitted exclusively through the new Well Integrity menu option in eSubmission. Please refer to INDB 2018-07.

Changes to Summary Report of Drilling Operations (SRDOs) Submissions:

  • Users are now only prompted to answer the DST or wireline RFT (or equivalent) run? question for bottom holes being reported in the current SRDO. Previously, users were prompted to answer this question for bottom holes reported in previous SRDOs for the well, and any bottom holes being reported in the current SRDO.

Changes to Post Construction Plan (PCP) Submissions:

  • PCP submissions can no longer be made against canceled permits.
  • When submitting a PCP for a permit with approval to remove timber from Crown land, users are no longer required to increment the amount of cut taken in each PCP submission. Users must now only enter the amount of cut taken since the last PCP submission.



Release Date: 
Monday, April 9, 2018
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