eSubmission: Feb. 24, 2017

Changes to eSubmission on Feb. 24, 2017 include the following:

General changes to eSubmission

  • Search criteria and search results are now retained when a user navigates away from a search.
  • The zoom extent in the map viewer has been increased in order to display smaller areas with greater detail.
  • Spatial files submitted as part of Post Construction Plan, Preliminary SRW Survey Plan, Waste Disposal and Geophysical Final Plan submissions can now be downloaded.
  • Users are now notified when a session is about to expire and when a session expires.
  • The ‘Enter’ key now executes searches.

Changes to the Drilling section

Drilling Status:

  • When spudding a well, an individual responsible for the preparation of the report must now be entered.

Summary Report of Drilling Operations (SRDO):

  • SRDOs are now due 4 business days from a reported drilling activity.
  • Users can now add a Conductor Casing Run Date prior to the Spud Date for a well.
  • Changes to SRDO include the addition of Stage Collar, Anchor/Isolation Packer and Connection Type fields to the existing Casing / Cement section, addition of a new OGC Comments section, and the removal of the existing Tops section.
  • The ability to manually add formation tops in a SRDO has been removed.

Changes to the Data Submission section

  • The error message displayed to users when uploading a file with an incorrect naming convention has been simplified.
  • Bottom holes flagged as no drilling to occur are no longer available for selection.
  • Users can now select drilled bottom hole locations when uploading well logs.
  • Submitted injection and disposal values can now be corrected for up to 6 months after submission.
  • GRD – Static Pressure Test .PAS files now allow for a pressure correction value of ‘0’ if the recorder is at or close to the Mid-Point of Perforation.
  • TRG – Transient Pressure and Deliverability Test .PAS files now allow for a negative Final Rate Prior to Shut-In if the pressure test type is Fall Off (Bottom Hole or AWS).
  • Hydraulic Fracturing submissions are now only required for one formation where many are listed in a Notice of Operation requiring hydraulic fracturing.

Changes to the Waste Disposal section

  • Pipelines can now be associated to pits.
  • Pipelines can now be associated to disposals where the disposal type is Landfill From Tank.

Changes to the Geophysical Program section.

  • Geophysical Final Plans can now only be submitted for programs approved since OGAA implementation in order to align with regulatory requirement for these submissions.
  • Permitted geophysical program spatial data is now available to download.

Changes to the Permit Administration section

  • Changes In and About a Stream can now be submitted in Post Construction Plan submissions. Permitted Changes In and About a Stream spatial data can also be downloaded in preparation for submitting Post Construction Plans.

Changes to the Water Use section

  • Outstanding withdrawal volume submissions are now displayed for each month where they are due.
  • Only outstanding withdrawal volume submissions from 2016 onwards are now displayed as due.
  • Users can now search for Water Use approvals by Legacy OGC File #.


Release Date: 
Friday, February 24, 2017
Service / System: