Frequently Asked Questions - Technical Safety BC (formerly BC Safety Authority) and BC Oil and Gas Commission (Commission) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

The changes to the Safety Standards Act introduced through Bill 13 were to clarify jurisdictional responsibilities in the areas of pressure piping and refrigeration systems. The changes are expected to result in more efficient oversight of oil and gas operations in B.C. and allow both the Commission and Technical Safety BC to focus their efforts in those areas of responsibility. For more information, please see Industry Bulletin 2016-34 Safety Standards Amendment Act Resulting Regulatory Authority and Process Changes.

MOU Schedule A from 2009 is no longer in effect, therefore none of its attachments are in effect. The current MOU and Schedule A are available online.

No, the changes only affect facilities regulated under the Oil and Gas Activities Act. If the facility is NEB regulated, the BC Oil and Gas Commission has no regulatory involvement in the equipment, piping or components. For further information, please contact the NEB or Technical Safety BC directly.