Frequently Asked Questions - Facilities

Yes. The equipment at the wellsite would be under facility type “Well Facility”. As per the Fee, Levy and Security Regulation, Well Facility falls under “non-oil-and-gas facility” and does not have an application fee.

No. The definition of Natural Gas Facility can be found in the Fee, Levy and Security Regulation. The only facilities classified as Natural Gas Facilities are Compressor Stations, Gas Dehydrator facilities and Gas Processing Plants.

All volumes should be the cumulative (existing and proposed) of all equipment associated with the applicable Facility ID.

There is no specific requirement for the installation of high pressure or high level shutdown devices in vessels unless specified in a permit condition, or if these devices are used as controls to satisfy requirements of particular sections in the Drilling & Production Regulation such as, but not limited to, Section 39, Safety & Pollution Prevention, Section 45(3), Fire Precautions, Section 50(1), Prevention of Losses. These devices are typically installed as a best practice to ensure measurement integrity and for over pressure protection purposes.

Increasing the permitted H2S concentration of an approved facility requires a facility amendment application which must be submitted through the Application Management System submission process and landowner notification.

Decreasing the permitted H2S concentration can be done through a Notice of Intent (NOI).

Please read the applicable sections of the Oil and Gas Application Manual for the process and required documents.

Appendix “D” of the Oil and Gas Activity Application Manual lists facility changes where no amendment or Notice of Intent (NOI) is required.

This would normally require a Facility Permit Amendment, submitted through the Application Management System (AMS).

This could also be applied for with a New OGAA Application, if desired.

Generally all metering changes related to production accounting or custody transfer will require a permit or permit amendment.

Yes. Refer to the Measurement Guideline for Upstream Oil and Gas Operations for additional information. Also refer to section 4.3 of the Oil and Gas Activity Application Manual for guidance on how to enter this information when submitting an application or amendment through the Application Management System (AMS).

This question would be answered, “No” in this instance as the scrubber is not recovering the vented gas stream. The gas would need to be captured and re-compressed into the main process stream through a vapor recovery system, or utilized as fuel gas, etc. to be viewed as recovered.