Frequently Asked Questions - Pipelines

A Notice of Intent can be submitted through KERMIT by doing the following:

  1. Log into KERMIT.
  2. Click on the “Post Permit Actions” tab
  3. Under Notices of Intent select the activity type for your notice:
    1. NOI for Pipeline Project
    2. NOI (Upstream) for Facility
    3. NOI (Downstream) for Facility
    4. Find Notice of Intent
  4. Once you have selected the activity above you will be presented with a list of NOI options.  Select the one you want to submit and complete the request on screen.


"Section 76 (1) of OGAA says that carrying out a prescribed activity cannot take place without either the agreement of the pipeline owner or an order from the Commission. Specifically 76 (1) (c) notes that the agreement must be in writing and may be limited to “the construction or the carrying out of an activity....” In the event a party’s efforts to receive written agreement from the pipeline permit holder have failed, the party may apply to the Commission, explaining the situation and requesting an order. The party should provide detailed information with respect to the scope of the project, the perceived impact on the buried pipeline, and the attempts made to secure agreement from the pipeline permit holder. The Commission will then review the information and make a decision on whether or not to issue an order. "

If the line is crossing lease boundaries by going from one lease to the next, it is a pipeline and must be applied for as a pipeline application.

The reportable spill amounts are found in the Environmental Management Act: Spill Reporting Guidelines. Spills are to be reported promptly; there is no specific requirement under the new regulations to submit a written report within 14 days; however, a post incident report may be requested by the Commission.