Frequently Asked Questions - Wells

A well permit amendment is required when there is a change to the surface wellhead coordinates that results in a change to the legal surface location (NTS or DLS coordinates).  For example, if the well is located in a boundary and a proposed change causes the legal surface location to change from 1-3 to 3-3. An amendment is not required when changing the wellhead location if there is no change to the wellhead surface location (NTS or DLS coordinates).  However, if the wellhead location changes where an amendment is not required, the new well center coordinates must be submitted through eSubmission in the Drilling Section, Summary Report. The permitted well coordinates can then be changed to the new wellhead location.

Section 5 of the Drilling and Production Regulation addresses the positioning of wells.

General guidance on equipment spacing is included in the Oil and Gas Operations Manual (Table 9E: Recommended Spacing Distances). Sections 45, 47 and 48 of the Drilling and Production Regulation includes spacing requirements that must be followed.

No application is required if the tower is being installed on OGC approved land.

Yes, estimation of small flare / vent sources is acceptable. Refer to section 11 of the Flaring and Venting Guideline for more information.

No, flaring activities are not included in the consultation/notification requirement.  Consultation and Notification is restricted to the applications for activities described in the C&N regulation, which does not include flaring notification. Resident notification requirements prior to flaring are specified in well permits, and is required 24 hours prior to the start of flaring.

Guidelines for abandonments during drilling operations are found in the Drilling section of the Oil and Gas Activity Operations Manual. Guidelines for cased-well abandonments are found in the Completions, Maintenance and Abandonment section of the Oil and Gas Activity Operations Manual. Cased-well abandonments conducted in accordance with AER Directive 20 meet the intent of the regulatory requirements for well abandonments in B.C.  A cement plug at surface is not required.