How does ABA fit with current regulations and land use plans?

Area-based analysis integrates strategic direction from statutes, regulations and existing land-use plans with identified environmental and cultural values into a coherent and clarified framework.

This framework will:

  • Provide a consistent rationale and process for identifying environmental and cultural values.
  • Clarify objectives as set out in government policy and statutes.
  • Provide an analysis of all existing development and the opportunity for future oil and gas activity.
  • Provide a simplified and transparent framework to assess and manage oil and gas development impacts on identified values

The Area-Based Analysis (ABA) approach uses components of common cumulative effects assessment processes, but is geared to be operational. It will help inform decision makers about the impacts of oil and gas applications in the broader context of all development.

Area-Based Analysis is also used to evaluate trends in resource development and the effectiveness of policy regimes. Area-Based Analysis reports will be updated periodically to reflect new information, including updates to relevant government policy and legislation and new development activities.