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This unofficial consolidation of B.C. Statutes and Regulations is updated as new and amended laws come into force.

Click here for an interactive breakdown of what the BC Oil and Gas Commission regulates. You can access any of the Acts and Regulations listed there and below from the BC Laws website.

Please Note: This information is provided here for convenience, but it remains the responsibility of operators to check the rules and laws that apply to them. Check the BC Regulations Bulletins for non-consolidated amendments to these regulations that may be in effect.


Oil and Gas Activities Act (OGAA)

The Oil and Gas Activities Act regulates oil and gas and related activities in B.C., including wells, facilities, oil refineries, natural gas processing plants, pipelines and oil and gas roads, through permits, authorizations, orders and regulations.

Bill 23, 2015: Changes to Oil and Gas Activities
  • Section 48 adds manufacturing plants and petroleum refineries to the list of oil and gas activities regulated under the Oil and Gas Activities Act.
  • Section 51 clarifies that neither the Burnaby Refinery nor the Prince George refinery are considered oil and gas activities until and unless a regulation of the Lieutenant Governor in Council changes this fact.

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