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The BC Oil and Gas Commission (Commission) is drafting proposed amendments to expand the Dormancy and Shutdown Regulation (DSR) to include pipelines, facilities and related activities, such as sumps or campsites.

Including these new elements within the DSR means the Commission can more effectively oversee oil and gas closure and restoration activities. Permit holders would be allotted 15 years from cessation of operations to full restoration. The proposed regulation would:

  • Be responsive to the need to progress closure activities on operating areas even if portions of the area have active infrastructure.
  • Liability Reduction Plans would include pipelines and facilities once they meet the existing specified criteria in the DSR.
  • The exemption provision would be specific to sections 15 to 18 (timing for closure activities). This is an authority that is intended in irregular circumstances and on a site-specific basis where an operator has demonstrated due diligence in planning activities but is hindered by some challenging or unforeseen issue. In granting the exemption, conditions may be imposed as decided by the official. Exemption decisions would be available to the public on our website.

If you have feedback on the proposed changes, we would appreciate receiving it by July 30, 2022. Please email your feedback or questions to

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