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The BC Oil and Gas Commission (Commission) is drafting proposed amendments to the Drilling and Production Regulation (DPR) to maintain equivalency with Federal methane regulations and support the Provincial Climate Action Plan reduction targets.

Methane emission reduction targets are set by the federal and provincial governments. The proposed changes would:

  • Bring into regulation existing technical guidance for leak detection and repair:
    • Mandating minimum reporting requirements to ensure permit holder performance can be reviewed and Federal equivalency reporting can be done.
    • Requiring reports, and records to support compliance and enforcement.
    • Updating leak detection and repair requirements to clarify the scope of facilities and wells requiring surveys.
  • Clarify or correct inaccuracies in the current regulation to ensure consistent interpretation:
    • Clarifying the requirements for compressors and correct inaccuracies.
    • Establishing a hierarchy to prioritize measurement.
  • Introduce new controls to reduce methane emissions:
    • Requiring continuous monitoring of unsupervised continuous flares (i.e., unlit flares)
    • Aligning the delay of repair approach with Federal methane regulations

To learn more about the methane review, please visit the Methane Reduction page.

If you have feedback on the proposed changes, we would appreciate receiving it by July 30, 2022. Please email your feedback or questions to

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