I am logged into KERMIT. Now what?

Once you have created your login ID you must contact your company administrator and request the correct level of access to company data.

Your company administrator can grant the following types of access:

  1. Admin Deficiency Representative
  2. Applications
  3. Company Admin
  4. Drilling Comp Prod Rep
  5. DCP Admin
  6. First Nations Portal Read Only
  7. First Nations Portal Update
  8. Frac Fluid Reporting
  9. Geophysical Portal
  10. Incident Reporting
  11. Inspections Representative
  12. Invoice Reconciliation
  13. Notices
  14. Waste Disposal Representative

If you do not know who your company administrator is please contact servicedesk@bcogc.ca and request the contact details.  For more details on the types of access listed above, please consult the External KERMIT Company Admin How To Document