Annual Reserves Data and Monthly Drilling Production Data

Data products are available for download on the Data Downloads page, which can be accessed through the Commission Web Application Logon.

Annual Reserves Data

The BC Oil and Gas Commission (Commission) maintains a database of oil and gas reserves by field and pool in British Columbia, providing assurance of supply for investment, regulation and the development of policy.

Commission professional engineers, geologists and technicians follow defined rigorous standards in reserves calculation, utilizing a variety of analytical techniques that are appropriate to the stage of development of the reservoir. A reserve value is an estimate based on the information available at the time of review, and is subject to subsequent revision based on additional drilling, well testing and production results.

A Report is published annually based on recent evaluations of both new and amended pool reserves, and production up to December 31st of that year.

Download Instructions

As per Industry Bulletin 2015-02, the 2013 reserves files are available in comma separated value format (.csv) for ease of accessibility, listing information by specific field and pool. The Commission does not publish individual well reserves estimates.

A User’s Guide is available to assist users with changes to the 2013 Hydrocarbon Reserves data file format.

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