AMS Practice

Thank you for attending our training session and welcome to the practice page for the AMS and AMS Spatial sessions! Here are the resources you will need during the practice sessions at training.

Lesson packs

Here are the lesson packs in digital form.

For AMS Spatial:

For AMS Introduction:

For AMS Advanced:

Practice files

As you go through the lesson packs - spatial files and line lists are required to complete some of the training exercises. 

Here is the link to the zipped folder which holds the practice spatial data. Click on the link to the spatial files. Use 'Save' As' to save in your folder of choosing. Navigate to the folder and open the folder. Please note that some browsers, such as Chrome, download directly to the downloads folder and you will find your folder there. Make sure to extract the files from the folder.

Inside the folder there should be a series of zipped files named trainingaid01, trainingaid06 etc.

Please leave these files zipped. AMS accepts zipped shape files files only to its system. If the shape files are unzipped AMS will not accept them.

Here is a link to the zipped folder where the line lists can be found. There are two line lists, both in excel.

Logging on

If you have received a login for our stage environment, you can use the login provided by our IT department and the password will be provided at training. The URL is:


We hope that you enjoy our training. Our feedback form is here. If you can fill it in and email it back to us it will help improve our future training sessions.