AMS Spatial

With the implementation of the Application Management System (AMS), the Commission has updated the spatial data submission process and corresponding spatial requirements.

Spatial data now forms an integral part of the Commission’s application process directly through AMS.  Applicants no longer need to submit spatial data through ePASS and provide their reference number as part of the application. In AMS, once the applicant selects the activity type(s) included in the application, the applicant is queued to upload the corresponding spatial data.

Based upon this spatial data upload, the application requirements for the application are derived. To further streamline the application process, information from this spatial data is automatically populated into any corresponding application fields.

AMS also introduces the concept of spatial derived application requirements. Based upon the location of the proposed application, any known information from government systems will be auto-populated into the applicant’s application.

More information on the spatial standards associated with the AMS are found in the Spatial Data Submission Standards Manual.


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