eSubmission is the online portal for permit holders to submit a variety of operational data directly to the Commission in order to meet regulatory and conditional data submission requirements.

Most operational data, reports and notices for Wells, Geophysical Programs, Waste Disposal, Permits and Water Use can all be submitted directly to the Commission via eSubmission.  The incorporation of operational spatial data submissions into eSubmission enabled the Commission to retire the ePASS system. Spatial data standards for eSubmission can be found here.

Through the eSubmission portal, permit holders can submit:

  • Well drilling information associated with drilling status, kick reports, and the summary report of drilling operations
  • Well data submissions for directional surveys, tour reports, geological reports, well logs, well test data, gas and fluid analyses, hydraulic fracture data, injection and disposal records
  • Well notice of operations and flaring
  • Waste disposal information and associated spatial data
  • Geophysical program information, weekly reports, final plans, and associated spatial data
  • Post Construction and Statutory Right of Way Preliminary Survey Plans and associated spatial data
  • Water use withdrawal volumes

Access to each application is restricted to users with a Commission user account and the appropriate security role. Please refer to the eSubmission Portal User Guide for guidance on accessing each application and the required security roles. For detailed instructions regarding account creation and the assignment of security roles please refer to the External Kermit Administration How To document.

You can log on to eSubmission here.

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