Compliance and Enforcement

Oil and gas activities and operations performed by permit holders are authorized by way of permits, licences, and authorizations issued by the Commission. These permissions let a company know the activities it may carry out, and may include specific conditions the Commission considers necessary. The Commission works to ensure permitted oil and gas activities are conducted in compliance with the Oil and Gas Activities Act (OGAA, or Act), related regulations, specified enactments and other applicable legislation.

Compliance is accomplished through proactive monitoring and inspection of permit holder activities, and investigation and enforcement of alleged non-compliances. The enforcement process encompasses an array of tools and actions that work to keep activities and operations in compliance with legislation, including the issuance of orders, findings of contravention, and execution of administrative penalties, illustrated here:



The Commission conducts field inspections to monitor and verify compliance for permitted activities. The Commission prioritizes and selects inspections using a risk-based approach that informs decisions about inspection coverage, and focuses inspection resources where they are needed most. Inspections may also be done based on industry operational events.

Where appropriate, alleged non-compliances (deficiencies) with the Oil and Gas Activities Act (OGAA) are managed through the Deficiency Notice and Correction Process. The deficiency and its timeline for correction are communicated to the permit holder. Importantly, these notices are not determinations under the OGAA and do not represent formal findings of contravention. However, if deficiencies are not corrected through the Deficiency Notice and Correction Process, the Commission will take further compliance and enforcement action. Additional information about the inspection process can be found in our Compliance & Enforcement Manual.

Inspections completed are listed below.



The Commission can issue tickets under the authority of various provincial acts for which the Commission has regulatory responsibility, including the Water Sustainability Act and the Environmental Management Act.

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In some circumstances, the Commission may issue a warning in response to an identified non-compliance.  Warning Letters record the non-compliance, and warn of a possible escalated enforcement response if the non-compliance continues.



The Commission can issue orders with respect to activities and obligations under the Act. Orders are not contingent on a finding of contravention; they may also be issued if, in the opinion of a Commission official, a person fails to comply with the Act, the regulations, the person’s permit or authorizations, or a previous order. Orders may also be necessary to mitigate a risk to public safety, protect the environment, or to promote the conservation of petroleum and natural resources. Orders specify whatever action must be taken, stopped or modified by the permit holder and includes the date by which they must comply.

The Commission monitors compliance with the order and, if satisfied the concerns have been addressed, may amend or terminate the order prior to the compliance deadline. In certain situations, a request for extension may be granted by the Commission.

The Commission can bill a permit holder to recover all applicable costs if the permit holder is unable or unwilling to comply with the requirements of the original Order (Section 49), and the Commission completes the work on its behalf. This is done through issuance of a specific order (Section 50(1)) allowing the Commission to take over the requirements and legally restricting the permit holder from conducting the work.

Enforcement orders issued and/or terminated by the Commission are available in the table below.

Contravention Decisions

The Commission may pursue further enforcement actions through a contravention decision if the permit holder does not comply with order requirements by the date specified, or if the alleged compliance issue is too significant to manage via an order. In this case, a Commission investigator develops a Contravention Report, containing detailed evidence outlining the permit holder’s alleged contravention. This report is provided to a Commission Statutory Decision Maker (SDM), and the permit holder is given written notice of opportunity to be heard (OTBH), in order to present the Commission with evidence supporting their defense.

At the end of the response period, the SDM will make a determination as established in the written notice of OTBH, whether or not the person(s) in the alleged contravention chooses to participate in the hearing. The determination will indicate whether the permit holder is found in contravention of the Act, regulations, permit conditions, authorizations or orders, and whether an administrative penalty will be imposed. The permit holder is given written notification of the finding and administrative penalty, if any. The determination provides detailed information regarding the contravention, the penalty, and the applicable timelines as well as information on the right to request a review or an appeal.

Contravention decisions are available in the table below.

Reviews and Appeals

A person has the right to request a review or an appeal of an Administrative Finding once an order, contravention determination, and/or administrative penalty has been imposed. Requests for review or appeal must be made in writing within 30 days of receiving notification of decision and must identify the grounds upon which the review or appeal is being requested. A person cannot request both a review and appeal at the same time. Review requests are submitted to the Commission to a designated official who then reviews the decision and determines whether to uphold, vary or rescind the previous decision. Appeals are submitted and managed through the Oil and Gas Appeals Tribunal (OGAT), a specialized quasi-judicial agency established under OGAA to accept, screen, mediate and adjudicate appeals independently and fairly. OGAT members hold an oral or written hearing to allow parties to present their evidence, then issue a written decision. OGAT decisions are summarized and made available online.

The Commission is committed to publishing its enforcement orders, order terminations, contravention decisions, and review decisions in a timely and transparent manner. The table below will be updated on a weekly basis, and a search function is available on the upper left side of this page allowing for specific queries. Enforcement Actions issued by the Commission prior to April 1, 2017 are available as quarterly summary reports on the Commission's publications page.

Questions regarding Commission enforcement actions may be directed to C&

Enforcement Action

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Company Enforcement Type File Date Issuedsort ascending Documentation
Kelt Exploration (LNG) Ltd. Enforcement Order General Order 2017-038 June 13, 2017 General Order 2017-038
Murphy Oil Company Ltd. Enforcement Order General Order 2017-036 June 09, 2017 General Order 2017-036
Progress Energy Canada Ltd. Enforcement Order General Order 2017-034 June 07, 2017 General Order 2017-034
Crew Energy Inc. Enforcement Order General Order 2017-031 June 01, 2017 General Order 2017-031
ConocoPhillips Canada Resources Corp. Enforcement Order General Order 2017-025 May 19, 2017 General Order 2017-025
ConocoPhillips Canada Resources Corp. Enforcement Order General Order 2017-024 May 19, 2017 General Order 2017-024
Encana Corporation Enforcement Order General Order 2017-021 May 16, 2017 General Order 2017-021
Pavilion Energy Corp. Enforcement Order General Order 2017-020 May 15, 2017 General Order 2017-020
Taqa North Ltd. Enforcement Order General Order 2017-019 May 04, 2017 General Order 2017-019
Shell Canada Limited Enforcement Order General Order 2017-018 May 02, 2017 General Order 2017-018
Procyon Energy Corp. Enforcement Order General Order 2017-009 April 21, 2017 General Order 2017-009
Procyon Energy Corp. Contravention Decision Case File 2016-062 April 21, 2017 Administrative Finding
Pavilion Energy Corp. Enforcement Order General Order 2017-014 April 13, 2017 General Order 2017-014
Tourmaline Oil Corp. Enforcement Order General Order 2017-013 April 12, 2017 General Order 2017-013
Venturion Oil Limited Enforcement Order General Order 2017-011 April 07, 2017 General Order 2017-011
Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. Enforcement Order General Order 2017-010 April 07, 2017 General Order 2017-010
Aqua Terra Water Inc. Contravention Decision Case File 2016-005 April 05, 2017 Administrative Finding
Canada Energy Partners Inc. Enforcement Order General Order 2017-008 March 16, 2017 General Order 2017-008
Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. Enforcement Order General Order 2017-005 March 03, 2017 General Order 2017-005