Oil and Gas Activity Application Manual

The Oil and gas Activity Application Manual is the how-to document for applicants applying for oil and gas and associated activities using the Commission's Application Management System (AMS). It delivers a complete overview of the various components of applying for oil and gas permits, and is a comprehensive resource for understanding the intricacies of the application and decision making process for both industry and the Commission. The manual is provided here in its entirety, as well as by chapter and section (below) to simplify access to specific activity information. An Additional Information, Technical Guidelines and Forms button is presented with each chapter providing relevant support materials where necessary. Associated support manuals are provided below.

These documents do not take the place of applicable legislation. Readers are encouraged to refer to the acts and regulations governing their operations, and to seek direction from Commission staff when necessary.

Listing of Additional Manuals:

Liquefied Natural Gas Facility Permit Application and Operations Manual

The Liquefied Natural Gas Facility Permit Application and Operations Manual is intended to provide a reference document for applicants that wish to construct and operate a Liquefied Natural Gas facility in British Columbia, as regulated by the Liquefied Natural Gas Facility Regulation (LNGFR).

Air Discharge Application Guideline

The Air Discharge Application Guideline guides industry through the waste discharge application process for air emissions from oil and gas facilities.

Water License Application Manual

The Water Licence Application Manual is intended to provide oil and gas operators an overview of the requirements and procedures for applying for and obtaining a water licence from the Commission.