Reservoir Engineering Approvals

Application Title Company Application Type Field Formation Approval Datesort ascending
GEP ARTEK Inga Doig Amend 5 Aug-21-14 Artek Ex GEP Inga Doig August 21, 2014
SWD CNRL Septimus Halfway WA 25459 Aug-20-14 CNRL SWD Septimus Halfway August 20, 2014
Produced Water Disposal Well Special Project (Amendment #2) Orefyn Ft St John 11-12-84-19 W6M; WA# 3010 Ft St John Field - Halfway 'C' Pool Orefyn Energy Advisors Corp. Produced Water Disposal Fort St. John Halfway C July 08, 2014
TEMPORARY STORAGE CNRL Boulder Murray Jun-02-14 CNRL Temporary Storage Boulder Murray June 02, 2014
SWD NEXEN Tsea Debolt WA 27360 Amend 1 May-26-14 Nexen SWD Tsea Debolt May 26, 2014
SWD CREW Septimus Cadomin WA 21713 May-22-14 Crew Energy Inc. SWD Septimus Cadomin May 22, 2014
COM BONAVISTA Nig WA 8540 Amend 1 May-21-14 Bonavista Energy Corporation COM Nig Creek Baldonnel A Nancy A May 21, 2014
ACID GAS ARC Doe Belloy WA 25345 Amend 1 May-16-14 ARC Resources Acid Gas Disposal Doe Belloy May 16, 2014
OW CNRL West Eagle, Belloy and Muskrat, Boundary Lake May-14-14 CNRL OW Eagle West Boundary Lake May 14, 2014
COM CONOCO Kelly Cadomin 'A' Gething 'G' Doe Creek 'D' WA 14068 Amend 1 Apr-30-14 ConocoPhillips COM Kelly Cadomin 'A' April 30, 2014
EXP APACHE Liard Besa WA 26990 Apr-17-14 Apache EXP Liard Besa River April 17, 2014
SWD CONOCOPHILLIPS Beg Baldonnel WA 13168 Amend 1 Apr-11-14 ConocoPhillips SWD Beg Baldonnel April 11, 2014
SWD ENCANA Sunrise Cadotte WA 10677 Apr-09-14 Encana SWD Sunrise Cadotte April 09, 2014
NHW TERVITA Stoddart Halfway WA 10864 Amend 2 Apr-03-14 Tervita Corporation NHW Stoddart West Halfway April 03, 2014
SWD STORM West Buick Halfway WA 21696 Mar-28-14 Storm SWD Buick Creek West Halfway March 28, 2014
SWD OREFYN Fort St John Halfway 'C' WA 3010 Amend 2 Mar-21-14 Orefyn Energy Adviso SWD Fort St. John Halfway March 21, 2014
GEP STORM Umbach Nig Creek Montney 'A' Amend 2 Mar-17-14 Storm GEP Umbach Montney March 17, 2014
SWD ARTEK Cache Creek Halfway WA 27127 Amend 1 Mar-17-14 Artek Ex SWD Cache Creek Halfway March 17, 2014
INJ ARTEK Cache Halfway WA 27127 Mar-04-14 Artek Ex INJ Cache Creek Halfway March 04, 2014
SWD CREW Portage Baldonnel WA 22031 Amend 1 Mar-03-14 Crew Energy Inc. SWD Portage Baldonnel March 03, 2014
SWD TOURMALINE Sunrise Bluesky WA 27864 Mar-03-14 Tourmaline Oil Corp. SWD Sunrise Bluesky March 03, 2014
SWD CREW Portage Bluesky Rescinded WA 16726 Mar-03-14 Crew Energy Inc. SWD Portage Bluesky March 03, 2014
SWD IMPERIAL Snake Debolt WA 28249 Feb-04-14 Imperial Oil Resourc SWD Horn River Debolt February 04, 2014
SWD SAGUARO LaPrise Creek Halfway WA 14391 Jan-23-14 Saguaro Resources Ltd SWD Laprise Creek Halfway January 23, 2014
GEP PARAMOUNT Birch Montney 'A' Amend 1 Jan-17-14 Paramount Resources Ltd. GEP Birch Montney January 17, 2014
GEP YOHO Nig Creek Montney 'A' Amend 3 Jan-17-14 Yoho Resources Ltd. GEP Nig Creek Montney January 17, 2014
PM CNRL Peejay West Halfway 'C' Amend 2 Jan-13-14 CNRL PM Peejay Halfway 'C' January 13, 2014
SWD ARC RES Arcres Tower Bluesky WA 18308 Amend 1 Jan-09-14 ARC Resources SWD Tower Bluesky January 09, 2014
GEP ENCANA Sunrise Cadotte Amend 1 Jan-08-14 Encana GEP Sunrise Cadotte January 08, 2014
SWD ARC RES Arcres Tower Bluesky WA 18308 Jan-07-14 ARC Resources SWD Tower Bluesky January 07, 2014
INJ QUICKSILVER Horn River Debolt WA 29616 Dec-13-13 Quicksilver Resource INJ Horn River Debolt December 13, 2013
SWD SAGUARO LaPrise Coplin 'B' Pool WA 18199 Dec-11-13 Saguaro Resources Ltd SWD Laprise Creek Coplin 'B' December 11, 2013
EXP Nexen Horn River Muskwa Otter Park and Evie Formations Dec-06-13 Nexen EXP Horn River Horn River Muskwa Otter Park Evie December 06, 2013
OW MURPHY OIL Montney Nov-12-13 Murphy Oil OW Heritage Montney November 12, 2013
GEP CHINOOK Birley Montney Nov-07-13 Chinook Energy Inc. GEP Birley Montney November 07, 2013
GEP ARC Heritage Montney 'A' Nov-01-13 ARC Resources GEP Heritage Montney 'A' November 01, 2013
GEP NORTHPOINT Altares Gething 'A' Oct-30-13 Northpoint Energy Ltd. GEP Altares Gething 'A' October 30, 2013
GEP ARTEK Fireweed Doig 'C' Oct-28-13 Artek Ex GEP Fireweed Doig October 28, 2013
GEP STORM Umbach Montney 'A' Amend 1 Oct-10-13 Storm GEP Umbach Montney October 10, 2013
PM CARMEL BAY EXPLORATION Mica Mica 'A' Amend 2 Sep-27-13 Carmel Bay PM Mica Mica September 27, 2013
NHW TERVITA Tower Lake Cadomin WA 27395 Amend 1 Sep-24-13 Tervita Corporation NHW Tower Lake Cadomin September 24, 2013
ACID GAS MURPHY Heritage Baldonnel WA 24480 Sep-24-13 Murphy Oil Acid Gas Disposal Heritage Baldonnel September 24, 2013
GEP ARTEK EXPLORATION Inga Doig Sep-23-13 Artek Ex GEP Inga Doig September 23, 2013
GEP ENCANA Kelly Doig 'A' Amend 4 Sep-12-13 Encana GEP Kelly Doig September 12, 2013
PM PENGROWTH Oak Rigel Various pools Aug-21-13 Pengrowth Corporatio PM Oak Rigel August 21, 2013
SWD CNRL Septimus Cadomin Nikanassin WA 22061 Aug-14-13 CNRL SWD Septimus Cadomin August 14, 2013
SWD TALISMAN Altares Debolt WA 26800 Jul-2-13 Denied Talisman Energy Inc. SWD Altares Debolt July 02, 2013
SWD ARC RES Parkland Bluesky Cadomin WA 22580 Jun-28-13 ARC Resouces Ltd. SWD Parkland Bluesky Cadomin June 28, 2013
GEP YOHO Nig Creek Montney 'A' Amend 2 Jun-4-13 Yoho Resources Ltd. GEP Nig Creek Montney 'A' June 04, 2013
GEP PROGRESS Nig Creek Montney 'A' Jun-4-13 Progress Energy GEP Nig Creek Montney 'A' June 04, 2013