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Following the passage of Bill 37, exciting changes are coming, including a new name and expanded mandate! In addition to our current responsibilities with respect to oil, gas and geothermal development, we will soon become the single-window regulator for the production of hydrogen, ammonia and methanol; have an expanded role in carbon capture and storage, and we will be known as the BC Energy Regulator. For more info:

Key Aspects of COVID-19 Policy for External Visitors/Contractors

Effective January 10, 2022, anyone who is not an active employee of the BC Oil and Gas Commission (Commission), including office-based contractors, field-based contractors, consultants, Board members and visitors (Externals) working alongside Commission employees are required to be fully vaccinated prior to entering any Commission office or worksite.

Vaccine verification will be as follows:


  • Contractors’ vaccination status shall be verified via Contract Amendment by the Commission Contract Manager.
  • Random checks of vaccine passport and photo identification are encouraged to ensure compliance.

Vendors/Regular Service Providers

  • Vendors’/Regular Service Providers’ vaccination status shall be verified either via External Attestation Form by the employee responsible for the related service delivery, or presentation of a valid vaccination passport and photo identification.
  • Ad-hoc maintenance personnel’s vaccination status shall be visually verified via a valid vaccination passport and photo identification upon arrival, by the Commission employee hosting an External at a Commission worksite (Commission Sponsor).


  • Advance notice of visitors to either Commission offices or the field is encouraged.
  • Visitors’ vaccination status shall be visually verified by the Commission Sponsor or employee.

Commission Board Members

  • Board Members’ vaccination status shall be verified by via External Attestation Form by the Board Services Coordinator/Commission Sponsor.

Commission employees are responsible to ensure they have verified proof of vaccination of Externals, where they have allowed access to a Commission office or worksite.

Employees designated to verify proof of vaccination of individuals must remember that information about an individual’s vaccination status is personal information and must be treated in confidence.

Externals in non-compliance with this policy may not access any Commission site.

FAQs on this policy are available here.

The Land Owner's Information Guide for Oil and Gas Activities in British Columbia describes petroleum, natural gas, and geothermal exploration, development, and production with respect to rights and interests surrounding proposed and permitted oil and gas activities on or near private or Crown land.

Click here to read the Guide, or head over to the Resources page to learn more about how we consult with land owners and rights holders.

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