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DATE ISSUED: Nov. 24, 2021
EFFECTIVE DATE: February 2022

The BC Oil and Gas Commission (Commission) is developing a new portal for managing industry compliance called the Compliance Management Information System (CM-IS). The first release of CM-IS for external users is planned for February 2022 and will include functionality for managing notices of alleged non-compliance with operational submission requirements (“administrative non-compliance notices”). Subsequent releases of CM-IS will add additional capabilities.

Permit holders can expect to see changes to how they receive administrative non-compliance notices from the Commission. Notices currently communicated through other systems, such as KERMIT, or by phone or email, will be issued using CM-IS. Permit holders will need to log into CM-IS using an Online Systems account to manage and respond to non-compliance notices.

While CM-IS will be used to communicate and manage non-compliance notices, the implementation of CM-IS will not affect the process for making operational submissions. Where a submission is required, permit holders will need to make the operational submission using the appropriate existing method (eSubmission, KERMIT, Petrinex, email, etc.)

Other types of communication about compliance, such as orders and contravention decisions, will not be affected by the introduction of CM-IS. A future release of CM-IS will include functionality for managing notifications of inspection results. Until that time, inspection results will continue to be managed using the KERMIT system.

These system changes will provide the Commission with a more comprehensive record of permit holder compliance and will provide permit holders a clearer picture of their compliance performance.

The Commission will provide training opportunities and updated documentation prior to the release. There will be a transition period, during which, administrative non-compliance notices in progress when the system is implemented will be completed using current processes and new non-compliance notices will be initiated in the CM-IS system.

If you have any questions regarding this Industry Bulletin, please contact:

Tim Malcolm
Manager, Project Services; Planning and Technology Division
BC Oil and Gas Commission


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