Air Quality

The BC Oil and Gas Commission monitors air quality from oil and gas activities in the province in order to protect public safety and conserve the environment.

The Commission actively participates in the Northeast Air Quality Monitoring Project, a project led by the Ministry of the Environment, with the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, and the oil and gas industry. Through the program, 8 monitoring stations measure air pollutants, including concentrations of sulphur dioxide and total reduced sulphur, commonly associated with oil and gas development. Air quality in the region is monitored in order to make informed decisions about public health, pollution management and the protection of sensitive ecosystems. Fact Sheets are available providing additional information on Air Quality Objectives and Monitors, Emission Sources and Regulations, and Air Quality in the Peace Region.

The Commission also undertakes its own air monitoring using a mobile laboratory, the Commission Air Monitoring Environmental Laboratory (CAMEL). Being mobile, the laboratory can be deployed to study community air quality where there is not a fixed monitoring station.

Emission releases, such as flaring, are limited through authorizations, regulations and guidelines issued by the Commission. The Commission releases information on flaring to the public every year in an annual report and is also involved in a number of initiatives with government and industry.

Protecting public safety and conserving the environment, including the quality of our air in British Columbia, is integral to our role as the industry regulator.


Mobile Air Monitoring

The Commission Air Monitoring Mobile Laboratory (CAMEL) is a mobile unit equipped with a full suite of sensory equipment able to measure air pollutants. CAMEL is an example of how the Commission can respond to concerns in a community around air quality in relation to oil and gas development.

NE BC Air Monitoring

The Commission participates in the Northeast BC Air Monitoring project led by the Ministry of Environment, with the Ministry of Energy, Mines & Petroleum Resources, and the oil and gas industry. This project monitors air quality in order to make informed decisions about public health, pollution management and the protection of sensitive ecosystems.

Air Reports


Under the BC Environmental Management Act (EMA) delegation, the Commission prepares and administers site specific authorizations for oil and gas operations. We also administer regulations under EMA and the Oil and Gas Activities Act that limit air discharges. The Commission also issues guidelines for flaring and venting.