Commission Air Tool

The Commission Air Tool (CAT) is an interactive, web-based map that provides information on air discharges from oil and gas operations and results of ambient air quality monitoring performed by the Commission. CAT displays locations where discharges to the air have been authorized by the Commission under the Environmental Management Act (EMA), including operations registered under the Oil and Gas Waste Regulation (OGWR). 

The following Air Authorization and Registration information explains the context and scope of data available using CAT.  

Permits: Under EMA, the Commission may issue a permit authorizing the release of emissions into the environment subject to requirements and conditions established for the protection of the environment. 

Approvals: Under EMA, the Commission may issue an approval for a period of up to 15 months, without the issuance of a permit. 

Both permits and approvals can be amended to include an extention or reduction of term or renewal, and can include requirements such as repair or enhancements to existing works, and improvements in how waste is discharged, treated, or handled.

Registrations: Under the OGWR, operators of smaller facilities (defined by parameters such as amount of Sulfur or volatile organics released, equipment size thresholds, or location) are required to submit a facility registration report. These reports outline such details as a facility's activities, equipment, hours of operation, and estimated annual total emissions. The OGWR also outlines size thresholds for exemptions. Facilities exceeding OGWR parameters are usually authorized as site-specific operations under EMA. 

CAT also houses summary information on the results of ambient air monitoring performed by the Commission Air Monitoring Environmental Laboratory (CAMEL). CAMEL is a trailer-based ambient air monitoring unit deployed to specific northeast B.C. locations typically for a period of several months to a year or more. This ambient monitoring data is available by clicking on the specific locations accessible within CAT. 


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CAT only displays EMA authorizations under Commission jurisdiction. Facilities approved by the National Energy Board (NEB) hold EMA permits (or approvals) issued by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, and are not included in CAT at this time.


Recent Findings

A deployment of CAMEL to monitor ambient air quality in Pouce Coupe in close proximity to the Encana South Central Liquids Hub (SCLH) was conducted from July 29, 2016 to May 28, 2018. The recorded data from that deployment has been validation checked and is now available for viewing:

Moving Forward

The Commission is dedicated to transparency; CAT was designed to provide air related information in an open and clear manner. As regulatory requirements and air monitoring capabilities are enhanced and allow for improved reporting, the Commission will work to broaden the scope of CAT's ability to provide public facing air monitoring information. 

Do you have questions about CAT, air monitoring, or air authorizations or registrations in B.C.? Please contact the Commission at