Emergency Response Planning

Preparation and planning are essential when formulating an emergency response plan for any oil and gas activity. Developing an effective safety framework protects those working onsite, as well as neighbours, property, and the environment.

The Commission recently adopted an improved structure for Emergency Response Plans (ERPs) that supports public accessibility and collaboration between industry operators. Plans submitted after Mar. 1, 2018 must be prepared in two parts; a Core plan accompanied by a Supplemental(s) plan. Core plans house guidance for operations staff, outlining common emergency management practices and processes, as well as standard company policies applied during any incident response. Confidential material, such as resident or emergency responders' contact information, would reside in the Supplemental portion of a permit holder’s plan.

This structure allows the Commission to publicly share Core portions of ERPs submitted on or after Mar. 1, 2018 upon request to ERPrequest@bcogc.ca. Plans submitted prior to Mar. 1, 2018 are not available at this time.

If you have any questions about emergency management requirements for oil and gas operators, please send your request via the Commission web submission form at https://www.bcogc.ca/contact.

More information about these changes may be found in Industry Bulletin 2018-01