Orphan Site Management

The Orphan Site Reclamation Fund (OSRF) is a levy on production used to pay the cost of abandonment and reclamation of sites on behalf of unviable operators.   Under Part 4 of the Oil and Gas Activities Act, the Commission may designate a well, facility, pipeline and/or area affected by oil and gas activity as an orphan site if the operator is insolvent or cannot be located. Once designated, orphan site liability is recognized and a work plan is implemented with the objective of meeting regulatory closure.       

The OSRF is managed by the Asset Integrity and Retirement Branch, which is also responsible for the Liability Management Rating program. 

Questions and comments are welcomed by the Commission and can be directed to:

Kristen Ramsey, Liability Management Advisor at Kristen.Ramsey@bcogc.ca or 250-794-5224 or

Mike Janzen, Manager, Asset Integrity and Retirement at Mike.Janzen@bcogc.ca or 250-419-4464