What are the next steps?

In conjunction with FLNRO, key data input and assumptions will be validated through 2015 with a field assessment in the summer of 2015. Two specific areas that will be assessed include:

  • The accuracy of predicting a field-based riparian class assessment from an air photo interpretation of riparian features.
  • The reliability of the assumption that there has been no ecological succession, reclamation or reforestation on any disturbance, and that the impact that occurred with the initial disturbance has not changed, regardless of when it occurred.
  • The first priority for these reviews is the Lower Pine River water management basin.

In addition, the OGC will:

  • Continue to work with First Nations through community-focused engagement sessions to review ABA results and explore avenues for incorporating cultural heritage resources.
  • Unveil a public web site with all relevant documentation and data: January 2015
  • High priority wildlife value go live: 2015
  • Cultural heritage resources values go live: 2015
  • Other values (air quality, water quality, ground water): when ready