What can industry do to make sure ABA requirements do not hold up applications?

To make the most effective applications and avoid delays or returns, Industry should include ABA as an integral part of planning an oil or gas activity. ABA is about planning  oil and gas activities in a way that minimizes the footprint of activities, and reduces restoration / reclamation timeframes on environmental values.

  1. Review ABA Website
  2. Review the FAQs available on the ABA Website.
  3. Download the ABA Riparian Habitat dataset for use in development planning
  4. Download the ABA Old Forest dataset for use in development planning
  5. During the development planning process consider:
    • What is the current condition and status of Riparian Habitat in the development area?
    • What is the current condition and status of Old Forest in the development area?
    • How can I plan the activity to avoid Old Forest & Riparian Habitat?
  6. ​What can I do to minimize disturbance?
    • Use existing disturbance, unless doing so would result in a greater disturbance, greater safety risk, significant operational difficulty and/or negative environmental impacts
    • Consider low impact seismic techniques such as wireless technology and meandering lines
    • Use common access and shared corridors
    • Consider using winter access in old forest and riparian reserve zones
    • Leverage use of directional drilling and multiwell pads to minimize disturbance
    • Place auxiliary disturbance outside sensitive areas
    • Minimize new land disturbance
    • Implement strategies that will expedite reclamation
  7. During the development planning process review existing disturbance on the landscape and use this where possible to minimize impact on the ABA values