What is the format I should use where a date is required?

The date format portion of the file naming convention is always 7 characters.  The first 4 characters are always digits and represent the year.  For 2016, the YYYY is “2016”.  The second portion of the data format is for the month and is always three alphabetic characters.  For January, the MMM is JAN. The remaining months are FEB/MAR/APR/MAY/JUN/JUL/SEP/OCT/NOV/DEC.  The third and final portion of the data format is always two numeric characters.  For the first of the month, it is 01 and for the 22nd of the month it is 22.  Example: For September 3, 2016, it would be 2016SEP03.  The only exception to this is for injection and disposal, which are monthly statements whereby the file naming convention coincides with that month’s statement, where the file naming format is YYYYMM.  YYYY is a 4 digit year code and MM is the two digit month code, so for a May 2016 monthly injection and disposal statement, the date format is 201605.