What if a trigger is exceeded?

Where ABA indicates that the condition of the riparian and old forest value do not exceed any triggers, existing regulatory requirements and associated guidance need be considered in relation to these values.

Where a trigger has been exceeded, the considerations identified above will be expected of industry as they prepare applications for submission, and additional permit and authorization conditions may be included to reduce the proposed impact.

As well, the Commission is actively:

  • Reviewing key data and assumptions in conjunction with the Ministry of Forests and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO), Specifically the two organizations are working together to:
    • Determine, for each type of disturbance, the relevance and impact of ecological succession, re-vegetation, reclamation, restoration and forest management on the riparian and old forest values
    • Establish a collaborative field program to understand the accuracy of the inventory and GIS-based assumptions relative to field conditions
  • Reviewing the existing plans (LRMP’s & SRMP’s) for additional guidance supporting the refinement of triggers
  • Reviewing the policy process that helped create the triggers

If the results are material, ABA will be re-run, if not the results will stand as-is.