What is required to setup an AMS Payment account?

In order to setup an AMS Payment account the Commission requires the following documents to be completed:

  • A letter, on company letterhead, sighed by a company executive (for example a CEO, CFO, or VP) authorizing a person to be designated as the ePay Financial Admin for the purpose of managing the AMS Payment account. The ePay Financial Admin role has overall control of the payment account for the company and can assign ePay payers to the account. An example letter of authorization is on the AMS Payment page on our website. This letter can be sent ahead of your PAD agreement form, enabling you to setup access to the Payment module.
  • A Pre-authorized Debt (PAD) agreement form which can also be downloaded from our website
  • A void cheque or letter from the bank matching the account information on the PAD agreement form

This process is outlined within the Permit Operations and Administration Manual and in Quick Reference Guides on the Commission’s website. A company can only hold one EFT account with the Commission.