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The Dormant and Orphan Site Nomination Portal is open! Click here to visit the portal and nominate a dormant or orphan site to receive funding for restoration.

Orphan sites are wells, facilities, pipelines and associated areas where an oil and gas company is declared bankrupt, or cannot be located.

In British Columbia, oil and gas sites such as wells, facilities, pipelines and/or sites affected by oil and gas activities where the operator is insolvent or cannot be located may be designated as orphan sites by the BC Oil and Gas Commission. Once a site has been designated an orphan, the Commission may use the Orphan Site Reclamation Fund to decommission and restore the site. The restoration process provides assurance to stakeholders that the site has been restored in accordance with current standards and requirements, and that all known contamination risks or other hazards have been mitigated.

The Orphan Site Reclamation Fund (OSRF) is a levy on industry permit holders used to pay the cost of decommissioning and restoration of orphan sites.

The OSRF is managed by the Liability Management Branch, which is also responsible for the Liability Management Rating program.

Spatial Data

The Commission provides spatial data for all dormant and orphan sites including the contents of permit holder Annual Work Plans. Please note that you will need to use Google Chrome as your web browser to access this FTP site.

The spatial data is provided as both shape files (to be utilized in an ArcGIS platform), as well as KML files (to be used in a Google Earth platform). If you have any questions about the spatial data please email

Map of Orphan Wells




Restoration Partnerships

The Commission has been partnering with First Nations to protect the environment and restore former oil and gas industry sites to their natural state:


Orphan Site Contract Work

The Commission uses contractors to complete work on orphan sites and they are selected through a Request for Standing Offer on BC Bid. Successful Contractor(s) who establish a Standing Agreement for services with the Commission will be selected for existing and future opportunities at the discretion of the Commission.

It is anticipated the term of the contract will be for one year (commencing following the awarding of the Standing Offers) with an option to renew for two additional one-year terms at the discretion of the Commission. Pricing is to be firm for the contract term. Should the Commission choose the renewal option; the Contractor(s) will be contacted prior to the renewal period to discuss any changes to the contract. Any renewal pricing submitted will need to be firm for the renewal term.

The decision to use any Standing Offer will rest with the BC Oil and Gas Commission with respect to site deactivation, site maintenance, well suspension and abandonment, surface equipment decommissioning, remediation and reclamation services. A Standing Offer is not a contract. A contract is created only when the BC Oil and Gas Commission issues a Draw-Down of services under the Standing Offer. A General Service Agreement will be used to execute the Draw-Down of services.


Questions & Contact

Questions and comments are welcomed by the Commission and can be directed to

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